Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Lakshmi do the puja together

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malishka telling Dadi that she can go and do the puja with Rishi. Dadi says this is not langar which is getting distributed and tells that only a married couple does the puja. Karishma asks who believes on such things. Dadi says I believe it. She asks Ahana to go there alone and do the puja. Rishi says I will take Ahana and will make her do the puja. Malishka holds his hand and takes him to room. Rishi asks Malishka if anyone is stopping her to say, then why did she bring him here. He asks how you are behaving infront of family, what was the need to bring me here. Malishka says I have only right on you and your body, and asks him not to talk like Lakshmi wanted. Rishi says Lakshmi feels that I say whatever you want me to say. He says he has gone mad. Malishka asks if you had a fight with her that night. Rishi says I am going to temple, and you both have made me mad. She comes down. Malishka insists to go with him. Dadi asks why you want to go. Malishka says if others don’t come to the temple. Dadi says ok. Malishka says I don’t know why others have objection with me. Lakshmi says she has no objection if she comes or not. She says I don’t know why you are making issue of a small thing. Malishka says you have made an issue. Lakshmi says I didn’t say anything, if I say then I will be misunderstood. Karishma scolds her and misunderstands Lakshmi. She asks her to stop her nonsense as Malishka is the guest here. Lakshmi says guest shall behave like guest and shall not enter the family. Rishi says if you people understand that we are going to temple then come out. Malishka asks Karishma and Dadi, if they saw how she talked to her. She says God knows when 2 months will end. Lakshmi opens the car door. Malishka sits in the front seat. Lakshmi sits on the back seat and asks Rishi to drive fast. Malishka asks how can you ask Rishi to drive fast, if he is a driver. Lakshmi asks did I call him driver, and tells that he is her husband. She says she asked him to drive fast as Ahana is hungry and will have food after returning. They argue. Malishka asks him to play songs. Rishi plays the songs. Lakshmi and Rishi get emotional hearing the songs. Ahana asks how much time, will be taken. Rishi says 5 mins.

Karishma asks Dadi if she is scaring. Dadi says liar and asks how will I scare you, who scares others. She asks Mukesh to say. Mukesh asks what shall I say? Karishma says if I scare you. Dadi says she wants to say something and tells that they shall get the marriage done straightaway. Karishma says how can we do the marriage straightaway without other rituals. Dadi asks her not to spoil the rituals just because she dislikes Lakshmi and likes Malishka more than needed. Karishma asks what do you mean? Dadi says you have understood.

Lakshmi’s pallu gets stuck in the car window. She calls Rishi. Rishi asks why she is doing time pass here. Lakshmi says she wouldn’t have called him if he had not locked the car. Rishi opens the door and she frees her pallu. Rishi asks her to accept her mistake and say sorry and become the winner. Lakshmi asks when you are becoming winner. Malishka asks what is going on? Rishi is about to say. Malishka says she is asking her, and says you got your pallu stuck purposely to call him. Lakshmi says I don’t need to make excuse to call my husband and says others need excuse who makes relation forcibly. Rishi reminds that they have come to do puja. Ahana asks Malishka, from where she will get the aarti thaali. Lakshmi says we will get aarti anywhere, and asks Malishka if she knows the way to temple. Ahana asks lakshmi what happened? Lakshmi says sometimes anger comes out in EMI. Lakshmi feels dizzy. Rishi notices it. Ahana asks Lakshmi. Lakshmi says no. Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi is getting dizzy and was about to faint. Malishka asks him not to notice Lakshmi. Rishi thinks he shall pray for himself.

Malishka sits with Rishi for the puja. Pandit ji asks her to get up. Malishka says she is Rishi’s would be wife. Pandit ji says only a married couple can sit. Malishka says if there is no married couple then? He says then the girl sits alone for puja. Malishka says she wants to break this ritual and asks Lakshmi to get up. She takes Lakshmi outside. Rishi gets up too. Lakshmi asks Malishka to leave her insecurities and says they have come to do puja as Dadi sent them.

She says even a small child can tell, how scared you are? She says so much happened at home due to you. Malishka says it all happened because of you. Rishi comes there and asks them to stop their drama. Lakshmi says I was telling the same thing. Malishka asks Rishi to tell Lakshmi. He says I will not tell her, as Lakshmi don’t have objection, but you have. He says I have to do puja with her, you can’t sit with me and he goes inside. Karishma calls Malishka. Malishka tells that don’t know what has happened, that Rishi is not supporting her. Karishma asks what happened? Malishka says she wanted to sit for puja with him, but he said that it is against the ritual. Karishma says we believes in rituals and tells that Rishi will sit with Lakshmi in the rituals repeatedly. Malishka says she can’t bear it. Karishma says she will show the right place to Lakshmi and says she has thought something, and asks her to come home. She says I will tell you, how we will insult Lakshmi. She ends the call and thinks I shall support Malishka, as this house will be in her hands, and she is my relative too. She says honestly speaking, she is not Lakshmi and that’s why I am supporting her. She says she will show the real value to Lakshmi and will tell her that she is suitable to become servant here and now they have understood that her kundali is ordinary. She says wait and watch, we will show your right place to you.

After the puja, Pandit ji blesses Lakshmi for have a happy married life and to have children. Malishka asks why are you blessing her, when I had told you that Rishi is going to marry me.

Precap: Lakshmi rushes to hold an old man outside the temple. Malishka says how she is, she touches anybody. The old man blesses her that all her wishes shall be fulfilled. A panditayan tells Lakshmi that the blessing came from heart, which will be fulfilled. She looks at Rishi and says markesh, save your husband. Rishi shouts Lakshmi and runs. Malishka looks on. Neelam’s old Pandit ji alerts Lakshmi about the upcoming threat on Rishi’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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