Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori get’s accused of theft

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone in party. Vibhu ask David to cut the cake and start singing happy birthday song. David says give first bite to Anu. Vibhu looks at her says you look incomplete to me. Happu mocks him. Vibhu ask Anu where is your bracelet. Anu get worried. Tiwari ask her to look. Gupta ask TMT did you steal her bracelet. TMT says we didn’t do. Rusa says I believe them TMT won’t steal anything. Happu says now everyone is done so should I start my investigation. David and Vibhu says do fast. Happu ask everyone to close stay inside and close all the window and door and he close everything. Happu says don’t feel bad because you all will be searched. Gupta says okay search me first. Happu ask Rusa to help him and ask her to search women and I’ll search men. Vibhu says here are three women, one Anu who lost her bracelet, second Angoori we cannot doubt her and third is Rusa sister in law of commissioner. Happu says you don’t do anything let me because I’m police officer, you shut up. Tiwari says stop giving speech and start doing work. Happu ask Rusa to search Angoori and he says to David we will start from you because it’s yoyr birthday, he search him. Vibhu ask Happu to search deeply. Happu search his back pocket. David says my pocket is over and you have gone deep inside. Vibhuti ask to remove all the clothes and check thoroughly. David says can I ask why only I’m been searched. Vibhu says we are family members, it’s out duty because we are the host. Happu search him thoroughly. Rusa walks in with Angoori and says we found the bracelet in Angoori’s pocket. Angoori start crying and says I didn’t steal anything and walk away.

Angoori sitting in hall crying and says to Tiwari someone is trying to frame me, I didn’t steal anything. Tiwari says sometime this happen. Angoori says I got disrespected so much. Vibhuti and Anu walk to them. Angoori says I didn’t steal anything. Anu says we know. Vibhu says you cannot be a thief. Angoori says but your bracelet came out from my pocket so according to that I’m the culprit. Anu says there are chances someone else did this to you. Angoori walk away. Tiwari start cursing Vibhu. Vibhu says it’s not my fault alone. Anu says what are you trying to say that we did everything wrong. Tiwari says it’s all Vibhu’s fault. Vibhu says it was your udea of plan B. Tiwari says but you ruined the plan. They both start arguing. Anu says you are forgetting but the master plan idea was yours. Vibhu mocks Tiwari for his plan. Angoori bring tea for everyone. Anu says this was not needed. Angoori says I have habit of hospitality. Anu says but you don’t have habit of wearing jeans and T-shirts. Angoori says its Tiwari’s choice, he like women who wear jeans and T-shirts. Vibhu says what a disgusting man she look beautiful in saree. Angoori thanks her. Tiwari ask Angoori when did I said to you. Angoori says I heard you talking to your friend on phone.

Angoori walks out of her house to buy vegetables, she ask vendor to pack vegetable for her. Shobha and Rita also buying vegetable, they both start discussing about Angoori that she is the same thief, we saw her in video. Angoori ask where did you see the video. Shobha says your video is viral in Kanpur. Angoori says I’m not the thief. Rita says we saw in video how you kept bracelet in your pocket. Angoori says it’s lie someone is trying to frame me. Master and Gupta walks to Angoori and ask what happen. Angoori says they both are accusing me as thief. Gupta says to them someone is trying to frame her and you two are also ladies and being a lady you are insulting her is that right. Shobha ask and stealing is right thing. Angoori crying says I didn’t steal anything. Master ask Angoori to walk inside. Two ladies also walk away. Gupta says to Master these ladies just want to gossip.

Angoori inside house says to Tiwari my video is viral now you only tell me how I’ll go out of this house. Vibhu ask who viral your video. Tiwari and Vibhu start arguing again. Anu says Vibhu is right everything is happening because of you Tiwari. Angoori says why are you fighting, find the person who made video. TMT bring the servant. Tillu says here is your culprit, he viral your video. Vibhu go and hold his neck. Anu, Angoori and Tiwari ask Vibhu to leave. Tiwari ask shy sre you getting angry it’s my department. Vibhu says I cannot handle if someone try to harm bhabhiji. Anu ask his name. He says my name is Sunder. Vibhu mocks him. Anu ask why did you shoot the video. Angoori ask if you made it then why did you uploaded. Sunder says I did to take revenge from Tiwari, you abused. Vibhu says Tiwari is the culprit of all this chaos. Teeka saus it’s unstoppable now. Everyone worried.

Angoori in bedroom packing her bag crying on her situation. Tiwari walks to her. Angoori hear Tiwari says thief. Tiwari says you misunderstood things I didn’t call you thief. Angoori says whole kanpur is calling me thief after seeing my video, I cannot live anymore here, I have to leave. Tiwari and Angoori start arguing. Tiwari says you are true and make her feel comfortable. Angoori says I cannot live in this city anymore and ask her to take good care of himself. Tiwari thinks she is determined to go what should I do.

Tiwari and Vibhu crying. Anu ask why you are crying. Tiwari says Angoori is leaving the house forever.

Angoori outside her house says no respect is left for me in morden colony, I’ll leave this forever. Vibhu walks to her block her path and says you won’t go anywhere. Angoori says let me go. Vibhu says you have to walk over my dead body and he lie down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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