Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori has depression issues

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in garden. Vibhu walks to her and greet her. Angoori greet her back. Vibhu says I’m good and what happen to your mood, you are not singing from many days please sing something. Angoori says nothing is more important then work. Vibhu says entertainment is also as important in life as work, earlier you use to sing say poem now what happen. Angoori says everything is not worth at all in life, life is about work and go inside house. Vibhu says what happen to Angoori bhabhi I think so Tiwari ruined her life.

Anu doing yoga. David walk near her and sneez. Anu get’s scared. David apologies to her and ask where is Vibhu why isn’t he back till now with milk. Anu and David arguing over how lazy Vibhu is. Vibhu walks in. Anu call him and ask him to sit says what is this Vibhu we were waiting for you, where were you and they both scolds him for being late. Vibhu says I was talking yo Angoori, she is not happy, when I was talking to her I felt she have a void, I think so she is going in depression. Anu ask why is she so sad that she is going in depression. Vibhu says I try to ask her. Anu says I understood because Tiwari will be reason for her depression. Vibhu says I’m sure that he is the whole and sole reason for depression. Anu says he must be torturing her, I’ll go and talk to Angoori. Vibhu says go and talk or I’ll kill him. David says wait a minute if you go to jail then what about will. Anu says there are very less probability of getting your will. David says a poem on situation. Ani says forget this I’ll talk to Tiwari. Vibhu says I’ll go and get coffee, he walks in kitchen and everyone hear a sound. David and Anu shouts and ask him what happen. Vibhu says milk fell down.

TMT walking and singing. Tillu start feeling pain in his stomach and he stop near Tiwari’s house and says I think so I’m not fresh at all. Malkhan and Teeka tell him about the pain. Tillu tells a story about his neighbour. Gupta walks to them and says we have three new job of security in morden colony. Malkhan ask where we can find job tell the address. Gupta says at Trivedi Security office. Tillu get’s happy and says it’s a good job. Malkhan and Teeka also agree with Tillu. Tillu start feeling pain in his stomach so he run away.

Tiwari sleeping and snoring badly in bedroom. Angoori walks to him breakfast, she wake him up and greet him. Tiwari greet him back and says why didn’t the alarm go. Angoori says your phone has low battery so I put kept for charging and give him bed tea. Tiwari ask what about my shirts button. Angoori starts blabbering about all the work she did and work she has to do and ask him take shower. Someone ring door bell. Tiwari says wait I’ll go and see.

Tiwari open door and see Anu standing, he welcome her and ask her how can I help you. Anu says forget this and tell me what happen last night. Tiwari confused ask what happen. Anu says I’m talking about your bedroom. Tiwari ask what happen last night. Anu says didn’t you fight with Angoori last night. Tiwari says yes I use to scold Angoori for her things but last night nothing happen. Anu says okay I believe that nothing happen but did you observe anything. Tiwari says yes and tell her about her hairs. Anu scolds him for his behaviour. Angoori walks to them and greet Anu. Anu ask tell me one thing did Tiwari do something wrong with you just see your face you don’t look happy at all it feels like you have lost your charm and ask Tiwari to her face. Angoori says you might have some misunderstanding, nothing happen to me and why Tiwari will torture me he is my husband and says I’ll bring tea for you and she walk away. Anu ask Tiwari did you see. Tiwari says yes I also feel like she is in some kind of trouble. Anu says I think so she need doctor.

Master near tea stall talking on phone to one of the parents about tution. TMT sitting near tea stall. Master disconnects phone. TMT discussing about Master. Malkhan says he never teach us but he used his stick on us multiple times. Master says the real knowledge lie in my stick. Tillu says we need your blessings. Master mocks them and ask what is new going to happen. Tillu says we are going to get job in Trivedi Security. A man reading newspaper nearby listening. Master get’s happy for them says I was worried about your future and now you will be having job, god listen my prayer. Tillu says we just want your blessings to stay with us. Master says don’t worry and tell me when are you joining. TMT as soon as we reduce our weight and then we can join. Master fews boys have also gave application for job in Trivedi Security. Malkhan says we won’t let them join.

Tiwari, Gupta, Angoori, Anu and Vibhu at Angooris house. Gupta doing her checkuo and ask Angoori did you eat spinach last night. Angoori says yes but how did you. Gupta says I can see it in your teeth. Angoori says but I brushed my teeth. Gupta says you should use hard braces brush. Tiwari and Vibhu mocks Gupta. Anu ask just tell what is wrong with Angoori. Gupta says I was about to check her. Vibhu and Tiwari mocks Gupta. Gupta says don’t forget in many ways I have help you and I have documented all things. Anu ask tell me about documents I want to see but after checkup. Gupta ask Angoori do you feel hungry. She says yes but I don’t feel like to eat much. Gupta ask what do you feel like eating or you feel like crying. Angoori says yes I feel like crying so much some time I just cry without any reason. Vibhu get’s emotional says it’s sad. Gupta ask what about laughing do you feel like laughing. Angoori says I don’t feel like laughing. Gupta ask what about anger or arguing with someone how do you feel about it. Angoori says I feel so much of anger and says if someone ask too many questions to me I feel like choking him and hold Gupta’s tie and she apologize to him says I don’t know what happen to me. Gupta says don’t worry I use to treat patients like this. Tiwari get’s angry and ask what happen to her. Gupta says Angoori is having depression. Ani ask how can you say that his husband earn a lot how could she go in depression, she looks at Vibhu and says I should be in depression. Tiwari says you are right the kind of husband you have, you are more prone to go in depression. Vibhu says but right now Angoori is in depression. Gupta says don’t get personal so much, she can be cured by giving new environment around her, she should be introduced with new hobby. Vibhu says for new environment divorce him because anyone can get depression after seeing his face even he gets depressed after seeing his face. Tiwari says shutup, she is my wife and I can take her to big psychiatrist. Gupta says don’t make a mess of anything, you just need to make her feel interested for other things. Anu says to Gupta don’t worry we will cure her. Gupta give Angoori some ask says use eat this twice a day you will feel good. Vibhu mocks Gupta.

TMT at home discussing about how to loose weight. A man standing at window listening them. Teeka says to them I have a bottle of whiskey. Tillu says show us we need to see. Teeka show them the bottle. Tillu ask Malkhan to open bottle. Malkhan take the bottle and act like he is opening bottle but he throws out of window. Teeka beat him says you uneducated guy why did you throw out. Tillu says he did right thing we need to diet so that we can get job. Malkhan says today we will swear that we will follow our diet and we won’t eat non veg or drink alcohol and ask Teeka to give take swear. A man standing at window says to himself just watch how I’ll ruin your diet plan.

Tiwari says to Anu you sing very well. Anu ask so I can pursue this hobby. Tiwari says why not. Anu says for that I have to learn music and for that I need teacher. Tiwari says I’ll bring a teacher for you.

Vibhu disguised as musician says to Angoori, Tiwari told me that you need a tabla player. Angoori says yes I need to practice dance for that I need a tabla player.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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