Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti and Tiwari face a dilemma

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari lost in his imagination. Anu says guruji where are you lost. Tiwari says I was lost in my gurujis sadhna. Anu says okay now let’s start practicing. Tiwari says okay.

Anu in garden practising. Angoori walks to her with snacks and praises her singing. Anu says it all because of my guruji and praise his work. Angoori also praises her guruji. Angoori says introduce your guruji. Anu says I was also thinking same. Vibhu and Tiwari walks in and greet them. Anu says thank go you came, you know Gupta’s idea is working well of changing hobby. Angoori says yes I’m feeling good now a days and thanks Vibhu for introducing guruji, Anu aslo thanks Tiwari for same. Tiwari and Vibhu praises there respective guruji. Anu says wait a minute why don’t you praise them in person. Vibhu ask what are you trying to say. Anu invite Angoori and her guruji for dinner so that everyone can meet eachother. Vibhu says actually I’m busy tonight. Anu mocks him. Tiwari mocks Vibhu and says I also have meeting. Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing. Anu says this is not good both are not available, if they are coming so atleast one male should be there. Vibhu says you are right and if you consider Tiwari as male call him. Tiwari says I already said I have meeting. Vibhu says you are lying. They both start arguing. Angoori shouts shutup and says whoever wants to come can but our guruji will surely come.

Vibhu and Anu in bedroom. Anu trying to decide what to wear and ask her about options. Vibhu says everything will look great on you. Anu says atleast look at me while saying something. Vibhuti says you will look hot in everything.

Angoori and Tiwari in bedroom. Tiwari says I have to go I have an urgent meeting. Angoori says atleast come for sometime and ask him to postpone or cancel. Tiwari says I cannot come and I have said.

Anu says to Vibhu if you are not here then dinner is cancelled. Vibhu says don’t spoil your dinner for me, listen to me I cannot be there I’m a problem. Anu says did someone threaten you. Vibhu says Prem messaged me that he fell down and I have to take him hospital. Anu says I don’t care at all about Prem.

Angoori says to Tiwari I’ll call Ammajis and calls her. Ammaji pickup phone and greet her. Angoori says tonight me and Tiwari have to go on dinner at Anita’s house. Ammaji says so what happen he is saying no, give him call. Angoori says he is saying no to go with me. Ammaji ask him why aren’t you going. He says I have a meeting with my client try to understand. Ammaji says I don’t care uf Angoori wants to go with you then you have to go or else you won’t be able to go anywhere and disconnects call

Anu, David and Vibhu waiting in hall. David ask where are the guests. Anu says they must be stuck in traffic. Vibhu ask what kind of traffic Tiwari will be facing. Anu says I think Angooris Guruji might be stuck somewhere. David and Vibhu start giving foolish excuse why Guruji might be stuck. Tiwari and Angoori walks in and greet everyone. Anu ask them to sit and ask where is your Ustaad. Angoori says Ustaad called me and told that he is busy with his relatives from Germany, he told they are related to Adolf Hitler. Angoori ask where is your guruji. Anu says don’t know where he is, he will be here soon I guess. Tiwari says I feeling like uninvited guest kind of think so I’ll be back soon. Anu says no don’t go anywhere wait. Vibhuti ask everyone to have dinner. Angoori says wait let guruji come. Anu says yes she is right let them come. Vibhu says we don’t know when they will come. Anu says it’s decided when they will come only then we will have dinner. Vibhu hit David on knee. David start acting says my heart is paining and he fall on floor. Anu ask Vibhu to call ambulance. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll take him to Hospital and start dragging him out. Angoori says is this the way you take a person hospital who’s heart is paining. Anu says it’s there family way. Tiwari says they are very weird. David walks in and sit. Anu, Tiwari and Angoori get’s shocked. David ask what happen why you all are shocked. Tiwari says you had an heart attack. David says it was gas. Anu ask where is Vibhu then. David says when is released the gas I don’t know where did he go. Tiwari says I feel like disrespected, I’m sitting here alone and he ran away. Angoori says if you feel insulted it means I’m also insulted let’s go. Tiwari says wait you sit here I’ll go and check him and he leave too.

Prem, Master and Gupta sitting in market. Same man selling them jalebi and singing his jingle. TMT jogging near by. Gupta, Prem and Master discussing about jalebi how tasty it is. TMT stop after them hearing and discuss they never eat outside and start staring at jalebi. Tillu says stop staring at jalebi to Teeka and Malkhan make them remember there promise. Malkhan and Teeka deny from remembering so Tillu join them and order three plates of jalebi.

David walks to Angoori and Anu with alcohol and snacks and ask them where are your guruji. They both says they might be stuck in traffic. David start laughing. Angoori ask why are you laughing. Anu says ignore him. David start talking nonsense about his gas and alcohol. Vibhu disguised as guruji enter the house. Angoori get’s excited after seeing him and greet him. Angoori introduce her guruji to everyone. David make fun of him. Vibhu micks David. Anu introduce herself to Sharara Shikarpuri. He flirt with her and introduce himself along with his guruji. David mocks him again and laugh at him. Vibhu expose David. David says to him don’t try to be oversmart or else I’ll tell everything. Vibhu whispers him keep quiet and ask them about there husbands. Tiwari disguised as guruji ask can I come in. Anu says here is my guruji and greet him. Tiwari says to Anu keep loving forever. Angoori greet Tiwari. Tiwari mocks him and says stay happy. Angoori introduce her guruji to Tiwari. Tiwari greet him and start introducing himself in musical note. Vibhu introduce himself and his guruji. Tiwari introduce his guruji and family members. David mocks him in between and start laughing at him. Anu says come let’s have dinner. Angoori says no not now I have planned something, I thought when bot the guruji will be here they will show case there talent and after that we will have our dinner. Tiwari and Vibhu accept that.


Tiwari and Vibhu showing there talent to Angoori, David and Anu.
Anu talking on phone with someone and says what sre you talking you want to call me and my Guruji to London for a concert, where did you hear my voice, okay fine but with me two more people will come

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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