Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2022: Vibhuti stops Angoori from leaving city Written Episode Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu is chopping vegetables in his house and Anu walks up to him and asks what he’s cooking and soon proceeds to regret that they have mistakenly defamed an innocent woman. Vibhu starts to cry. Anu asks him why are you crying you’ve never felt this bad for me. Vibhu replies you’ve never gotten disrespected like that. Tiwari ji shows up in their house crying. Anu asks Tiwari ji what’s wrong. Tiwari ji replies Angoori is leaving the city. Vibhu gets traumatized and throws the chopped vegetables up in the air and starts to rush towards Angoori’s house.

Angoori is leaving her house, Vibhu interrupts her and tries to stop her. Anu and Tiwari ji also shows up outside the house. Anu tries to Console her but Angoori didn’t listen to her. Angoori says she’s being defamed and cannot live with the tag of a thief. Anu says that she got an idea to help Angoori.

All four of them are sitting in their garden and recording a press conference. Vibhu asks Anu that the thing we are doing isn’t going to make hindrance in our uncle’s case? Anu asks that how greedy are you? You have nothing to do with Angoori? Vibhu denies. Angoori suggests she should simply leave this city. Anu denies. Journalist  asks his cameraman to start recording. Anu starts to explain the whole situation in the press conference and frame Angoori innocent, Vibhu also adds up. Cameraman asks them who put the bracelet inside her pocket? Vibhu confesses that he put that bracelet. Angoori gets shocked. Everyone opens up and confesses that all of them were involved in this. Angoori asks them if they were planning something against her?
Anu says it was all scripted. Journalist asks them the reason to do this. Anu and Vibhu replies that it was all done to oust out their uncle from their house. Tiwari ji explains the situation and who’s idea it was. Journalist asks them why Angoori was wearing western clothes that night? Angoori says she wanted to please Tiwari ji. Journalist ask that is Angoori really innocent, Everyone agrees and request to share the conference video and make it viral.

David goes to his lawyer friend to have a word about his case, his lawyer friend tells him that he has almost won his case but, his wife wasn’t able to proof one thing. David gets all excited and happy about this news and leaves.

Anu, Vibhu, Angoori and Tiwari ji are sitting inside Anu’s house. They ask Angoori if she’s happy now? Angoori replies Yes, but she’s feeling bad for David. Vibhu tells her not to worry about him. David comes in all excited and tells them that he has won the case and Vibhu can finally get all the money. Everyone gets shocked and Vibhu asks Anu if he has watched the news already? David picks up TV remote to watch cricket match but Vibhu snatches it, and suggests him to tell his stories, but David denies and snatches the TV remote back. He turns on the TV and watches the press conference recorded by all 4 of them. David asks, that they were planning against him? I can forgive you but I won’t give you any piece of my property. Vibhu and Anu apologies also Tiwari and Angoori also takes Vibhu’s side and try to console David. David agrees to give Vibhu every bit of his property.
David gets a call from his lawyer friend that he has lost his case.

Master Ji is teaching TMT and asking them questions, Teeka says that they have gained enough knowledge and it’s time we should eat something. Master’s wife comes in and ask TMT to recite hindi alphabets, Teeka tries but fails and Master’s wife mocks him. Tillu also tries his hand but instead, he starts making fun Teeka also adds up to the fun. Master’s wife gets angry and pulls out rolling pin to beat them.

Anu says to Angoori we should a maid to test our husbands. Happu says to Anu and Angoori, Karra Pehelwan is threating me that he will chop me. Anu ask what can I do for this. Happu says let me live in your house for some time. Anu says to Angoori we found our maid.

Happu walks in dressed as maid. David falls for her. Anu ask him to come inside.

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