Barrister Babu Season 2 (Aaa) Episode 1 Meet Anindita

Voiceover : Ye kahani hai 20 vi shatabdhi ki Jab angerzon ka shashan apne charam par tha. Bharatiyon par hone wale atyachar aur zhulm badhne lage. Aiye dekhte kis tarah se iss mahaul ne Roy Chouduriyon ki zindagiyon me badlaav laya!!!

Some men are shown in some sort of swordfight camp practising the art.
ARC is also shown with a sword in his hand training one of the youths.

This is seen by Sampurna and Shaswati which is now a grown up 22 aged girl (A nice poet and writer)

Shashwati: Da’s moves are so perfect as if they are made for the royalty of the zamindars. It doesn’t even seem that he is a prosperous & renowned Barrister.
Sampurna: Conditions and up-downs in his life have acted like a catalyst which has changed him completely. Someone has rightly mentioned – Times change along with a person. And why him only, it has also changed our lives too. Who expected that incident in our lives! It completely changed us but affected him the most.

ARC: Where is Anind? (someone answers that he is not present) Why??? I told him to be regular here. Tell him that he has been summoned.

A boy is seen to escape in disguise. He reaches some sort of the play ground where a bunch of youths cheering their leader. Their leader is sitting on a tree with a sling shot(Gulel) in her hand in a way that her face is blurred/covered(age 17-18) pointing to a handi of a sweatmeat seller filled with rosogullas. She hits the handi accurately. She gives a heroic smile and a high5 to her pals. The boy watches it all but is not audible due to their rejoicement noise. So he shouts by the by the name ” Aninditaaaaa…”. The voice echoes. Finally her whole face is revealed. She doesn,t look jsut as her mother but has the similar FIRE & Daring spirit in her eyes.

Anindita: What happened da?? Why so tensed? Any problem? Okay leave that and see how i shot the handi accurately. ‘ Anindita se panga…… bhut bhari parta h bholu ka(sweatmeat seller) aur tab jab baat roshogullon ki hon. ‘
The boy: Do have any thoughts other than roshogulla?
“Aree da, roshogulla is the only thing which is the dearest to me after maa.(the boy frowns) ohh u are also in my dearest list. accha tell me what has brought u here???
” You obviously know that Barrister Babu has arranged a swordfight comp. and he has also summoned me!!”
“For what to serve water and snacks to all”
“No, to fight there.”
” Okay(After being realised), WHAAAT U AND SWORDFIGHT!!! The one who will fail in wrestling form an ant will swordfight.

Everyone laughs. Anindita too. He becomes serious.

“Listen ur da needs ur help.”
” And how can I do that.”
” By attending the camp in my place. Pleasee anu you aremy last hope!!”
” But da i can only shoot accurately. I have nevertouched a sword in my life. Barrister babu will surely catch me”
” You wear a veil and go there I will message them that I am coughing a lot so my face will be covered. And by the way it was ur dream to swordfigt like a man. Isnt it? This is ur high time dear go for it.”

Anindita feels motivated. She nods in yes with confidence. Aaaja tujh ko mitti pukare plays….and ends at …….barrister babu.

“Yes da. (She jumps from the tree.) Now anindita roy choudury will transform completely into anind roy choudury. But…… ” (pretnds to think)
“Now what are you thinking?”
“(Still thinks with her gang) Guys do u have the same thought just as I do. (Everyone says yes.)”
” Will someone inform what going on??!!!”

One of her gang members ask that how will their leader benefit from this deed. Deal should always be balanced.

“Ok, you wish will be granted I will lend you a handi of roshogullas.”

Everyone excalims only one handi!!! That is only enough for anindita. He agrees for 2. and everyone halis his name.)
Anindita turns & smiles naughtily. (Tai tai tai mama bari jai plays in humming and la la la version)

Episode ends.

Precap: Anindita is seen preparing for her disguise. Anind greets her best of luck.

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