Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Challenges Rathod Family

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalapana tells Alapana that their mom again brought an alliance for her even after her strongly telling that she doesn’t want to marry right now. Alapana asks her to calm down and attend the guests. Yuvan walks down wearing girls’ clothes. Viraj laughs and says thinks lets the fun begin. All the guests laugh at vian. Myra asks Yuvan who did it to him. Yuvan says Viraj and Charmi who said Banni will be his friend if he becomes a girl. Myra confronts Viraj. Viraj says what can he do if elder brother wishes to. He announces that Yuvan will entertain them and makes Yuvan do baffononery.

Myra thinks of alling Banni. Brinda asks her to call Banni as only she can handle Rathods. Myra calls Banni, but Banni doesn’t pick call. Viraj makes Yuvan dance and entertain guests. Banni feeds kheer to a kid thinking she cannot take it for Yuvan. Myra video calls Banni and tells her that Viraj is humiliating Yuvan and explains the whole situation. Banni gets angry and determines to reach thee and teach them a lesson. Manini asks Hemant to ready soon come downstairs as a surprise is waiting for him. Hemant says he needs to get ready well to match her personality. She thinks he will feel surprised seeing Yuvan at the party. Niyati informs Manini about Viraj’s act. Yuvan notices everyone laughing at him and panics.

Guest says let Yuvan entertain them as he is prince of Devraj’s empire. Viraj says he is the prince and Yuvan is just a joker. Myra supports Yuvan and asks them to stop humiliating Yuvan. Palak asks her to just enjoy. Hemant and Devraj witness Yuvan’s state. Hemant asks Manini is it her surprise. Manini says no, its Viraj’s act and Veer didn’t control him properly.

Banni enters and gives Viraj a tight slap. Yuvan gets happy seeing Banni and walks to her. Banni questions why they are misusing Yuvan’s innocence. She tells Yuvan that he can call her whenever he wants to meet her. Banni brtuallly tongue lashes everyone for supporting Viraj’s heinous act. Yuvan describes the whole story. Manini says she is using her slum language. Banni says she is just speaking the truth. Viraj says Yuvan is a monkey of our family, not a prince. Banni challenges Viraj that she will make everyone at the party clap for Yuvan. Viraj accepts the challenge.

Banni takes Yuvan along, gets him ready, and asks him to show his music skills. Yuvan refuses. Banni says he is a prince and convinces him to play violin in front of everyone. Devraj smiles seeing their bonding. Vivan says nobody is afraid of Devraj. He asks Banni to promise him that she will be with him always as he gets scared of Manini. Banni promise him and says let us go down and shut everyone’s mouth.

Precap: Manini tells Alpana that Banni is not the first girl who challenged her. Alpana asks why Devraj trusts Banni so much. Manini says when Devraj’s trust breaks down, he himself will ask Banni to leave. Yuvan plays with Banni.

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