Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Teaches A Lesson To Viraj

Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni forcefully feeds Yuvan and says tells Dhanraj that she knows how to feed a 7-year-old child. Dhanraj gives his home address and asks her to bring food to his grandson daily. Banni agrees. Yuvan looks at her while Banni leaves. Banni then excitedly prepares all the food alone and looking at her mother’s photo says she prepared food exactly like her mother and will fulfill her mother’s dream of opening a home food delivery company. Someone calls her, and she keeps photo back in the drawer and rushes out.

Banni’s uncle and aunty/Mamosa and Mamisa bring her big-sized photo frame with her posing in a karate dress and holding tiffin boxes. She asks her cousin Vishnu to fix it on the wall and play the music. Mami asks why she wants her photo in a karate dress when she is just delivering food. Banni says her mother said women have to show their different forms of them, Annapurna for hungry people and Kali maa for arrogant people. She then leaves on her scooter for home delivery of food to her clients. Viraj crashes his car with her scooter and all her tiffin boxes fall down. She orders him to come out of the car. He doesn’t and arrogantly gives her 2000 rs for her losses and tells her to leave. She takes the money and punctures his car tire. Viraj gets out of car angrily and argues with her. Banni slaps him and says today she had prepared food for the poor and his money will not fill their stomachs, returns his money, and asks him to buy some ghee with his money and smear it on his cheek.

Banni then visits Rathore house and thinks Dhanraj and Yuvan must be living alone there. Myra walks to her and asks who she is. Banni introduces herself. Myra introduces herself as Yuvan’s sister. Banni then hears a music from a room and walks upstairs to see Yuvan playing guitar and thinks he plays really plays music well. Servants bring food for Yuvan, but Yuvan throws the food away. Banni angrily picks her slipper and scolds him like a mother and says she came to feed him food. Yuvan refuses to eat. Banni notices a photo of his mom feeding him food and arranges food in his mom’s style. Yuvan remembers his mother.

She then makes him sit, feeds him food, and asks if he liked it. Yuvan recalls his mother while having food. Devraj thinks Banni did what anyone couldn’t. Myra feels happy seeing that. Yuvan points her nose. She mimics a monkey and points at his ears. Yuvan gets happy and says they are his friends. Banni says they must be your friends as he plays an amazing music. They both smile.

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