Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Makes Vivan Attend Pooja

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhanraj describes Banni that Yuvan lost his mother in an accident when he was 7 year old and his mental growth stopped since then. He continues that they tried many treatments but in vain. Kalpana and her sister disguised as ghosts frighten Yuvan and ask if the remembers what they did with his mother. Banni finishes preparing pooja bhog. Dhanraj thanks her and says now its his turn to execute a tough task of getting down Yuvan for pooja as he has’t sit for pooja since 15 years. Banni says he will try and walks to Yuvan’s room with a milk glass. She notices Yuvan shivering in fear and asks him to have food. Yuvan says he will not have it or else the ghosts who killed his mummy will kill him.

Veer gets angry noticing a show piece broken and asks who did it. Myra says Yuvan did it. Veer walks to Yuvan’s room shouting at him. Yuvan pees in fear. Myra and Kalpana enter and try to humiliate Yuvan. Veer tries to slap Yuvan. Banni holds his hand. He asks who is she. She gives her long introduction and says she brought food for Yuvan and asks him not to allege Yuvan without investigation. She asks them go now as she needs to take Yuvan down for pooja. Myra says she cannot bring him down. Yuvan says ghosts will punish him. He says she knows how to punish ghosts and throws water on Myra. Myra angrily tries to attack her. She twists Myra’s hand. Veer tries to hit her next and she twists even his hand and warns them to leave. Dhanraj notices that and thinks only she can control his family. They all walk out.

Banni asks Yuvan to get ready for pooja. Yuvan walks out wearing a kurta pajama. Myra says he is looking good and holding his hand walks down to living room for pooja. Kalpana and her sister discuss that Malini will scold them if she sees Yuvan attending pooja. Yuvan sees bhog kheer and tempts to have it. Banni stops him and says he will get the whole kheer if he silently attends pooja. He agrees. . She sings bhajan.

Malini returns home and stands angry seeing Vivan attending pooja. She says she expected that family would obey her and not let Vivan come down for pooja, then who brought him down. Dhanraj nervously tries to explain. Banni stops him and says she brought Vivan down. Malini asks who is she. Banni gives her long introduction and says she brought food for Vivan, prepared bhog, and got him down for pooja. Malini asks Dhanraj how did he break his own rule and let an outsider and a cheap girl get bhog. Banni warns her to dare not speak ill about her as she is also a business woman like her.

Malini then threatens Vivan. Vivan shivers in fear and apologizes his stepmother. Banni asks Malini not to spoil stepmother’s name and tongue lashes family members for throwing tantrums and not preparing bhog when Dhanraj pleaded each one of them. She then says she can understand Vivan’s condition as she also doesn’t have a mother. Dhanraj says Vivan got down after 15 years since his mother passed away for the pooja. Malini says pooja will happen like Vivan’s mother used to perform. Banni says at last she realized the value of a stepmother. She makes Vivan sit in front of havan, and Panditji starts pooja. Malini pours whole bowl of ghee in the havan increasing it fire and then calls sadhus who plays drums and music loudly. Vivan panics hearing loud music and fire. Banni and Dhanraj try to control him while Malini smirks at them.

Precap: Dhanraj calls Banni and asks if she will come and feed food to Vivan. Banni says she can’t come. She then promises her cousin Vishnu to make him a doctor for sure and pay his college fees soon. Mamisa says tomorrow is the last date to pay the fees. A goon passes lewd comment on Banni and makes her cry.

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