Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Entertains Guests After Banni’s Encouragement

Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni gives the violin to Yuvan and says lets go down and shut everyone’s mouth. Yuvan confidently walks with her. Devraj feels happy and thinks nobody supported Yuvan till now and hopes Banni supports him similarly, but then thinks till when Banni wil support him. Hemant scolds Viraj for makin Yuvan wear a girl’s dress and humiliating him in front of al lthe guests. Manini supports Yuvan and says Yuvan is stubborn and must have insisted Viraj for it.

Banni and Devraj bring Yuvan down. Manini and her team are shocked to see Yuvan dressed up normally. Yuvan feels nervous seeing them all. Banni holds his hand and bring him down. Devraj announces Yuvan wil play his music and entertain the people who humiliated him. Viraj and his friends try to buily him, and he gets scared. Niyati asks Devraj to let Yuvan go as he is already scared. Banni encourages Yuvan that he is a prince and prince doesn’t get scared by anyone. Manini asks Hemant to stop Yuvan before he humiliates them more. Hemant says they are already humiliated and hence he wants to give a chance to Yuvan to do some damange control with is magic. He He encourages Yuvan to show his magic.

Yuvan plays music with musical instruments. Banni dances for him as an encouragement. Devraj and his wife feel happy. Manini and co get shocked. Everyone at the party enjoys the performance of Yuvan. They clap for Yuvan in appreciation. Yuvan feels happy. Banni tells Viraj that she won the challenge. Viraj leaves from there. Guests apologise to Yuvan for smiling at him. Yuvan tells them he is a prince and apologizes to him. Devraj says Yuvan is so happy and he gives credit to Banni. Banni asks him to teach lessons to those who mistreat Yuvan. Yuvan says her mom also used to say he is a prince. Devraj tells Manini that hope you see the intentions of Banni and Niyati and the real smell comes from real flowers. Manini looks angry.

Niyati searches for Yuvan while he is with Banni. She bumps on them. Banni sends Yuvan away and asks Niyati why she didn’t support Yuvan when he is getting humiliated? You choose him as a partner so you must be his protection. Niyati says I have to stay in this house by fulfilling every relationship so she can’t open up like you and she is an orphan so I want this family to be united and I will try to make sure that Viraj won’t repeat his mistake. She walks away smirking while Banni stands confused. Niyati then meets Viraj and scolds him for his heinous act. Their argument starts. Manini hears their conversation, scolds Viraj and asks him to leave from there. She then tells Niyati that Viraj is already a loser as his grandfather didn’t leave any property for him, but Yuvan marries somene else than Niyati, Niyati will l be the biggest loser. Niyati gets afraid.

Precap: Manini tells Alpana that Banni is not the first girl who challenged her. Alpana asks why Devraj trusts Banni so much. Manini says when Devraj’s trust breaks down, he himself will ask Banni to leave. Yuvan plays with Banni.

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