Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Shivi lies to Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya asking Ram does he not love her. Ram says don’t you question my love for you. He asks why did you give me a choice, can you choose if you were in my place, we are same, we have come together for our families, why are we fighting. He says I have proof against Meera. She says I know Meera, she will die but never support Mahender, maybe he had fooled Meera or threatened her, or she didn’t know anything, I promise I will get her explanation, trust me, I won’t cheat you, you trust me right. Ram says if you learn that I m saying right, then what would you do. She says I will lose and congratulate you for the win. She leaves. Ishaan and Shivi argue. Shivi says Varun is a criminal, he has fooled you all. Ishaan says don’t say this. She says you all can’t deny this, Ram won’t spare anyone. Sara asks them to stop it. Meera says Ishaan is a kid, Shivi, this is not right. Shivi argues. Priya comes and asks them to stop it. She says you can’t scold Ishaan like this.

Ishaan says dad was right, you didn’t want us in your life. Sara slaps him and says stop calling him your dad, he isn’t your dad, he is a murderer, just I m your mum. Ishaan says I can’t be your son, you are a liar, dad was right, I shouldn’t trust you. Sara says Varun isn’t your father. Ishaan says this isn’t wrong, I will break everything. Shivi says then break it. He throws things and hits Shivi. Priya shouts shut up. Shivi says you are taking his side, I m not surprised if he kills me, his upbringing is of a murderer. Ishaan says shut up, I will kill him. Priya says don’t trouble him. Shivi says its his problem, you get what you give. Shubham gets Shivi’s message… I did as you said. He asks Ram are you fine. Ram says yes. Adi says you really think Meera did the coverup for Mahender. Krish comes and says no, she didn’t know it. Ram says your judgment is wrong. Krish asks why don’t you file a complaint against Meera, you can go ahead, culprits are called, you don’t need me, you hire a big lawyer, he will prove Meera wrong, you want to punish her. Ram says she is not innocent. Shubham says Priya and her parents were involved. Krish asks if you didn’t marry Priya, then would your reach those murderers. Ram says you always take their side. Krish says you are not my client now. Ram says you always support Priya. Krish says I do like Priya, yes, I can say this without hesitation now, I like her since the college times. Ram says I don’t care for your feelings, I know her feelings, whom she loves. Krish thinks I wanted to hear this. He says good for you. He goes.

Priya comes home and confronts Meera. She shows the statement and asks what’s the truth. Meera says this doesn’t matter. Priya says it means that you supported Mahender. Meera asks her to see what’s happening in the house. Priya says you called Ram your son. Meera asks is he here to keep his duty, I have chosen Ishaan like Ram chose his family over you and us.

Ram is on the way. He thinks Priya is right, am I thinking wrong about Meera, maybe Meera is really innocent, maybe Priya wouldn’t react like I did. Shivi calls Ram and asks him to come soon and take her, everyone is torturing her, because he accused Meera, they would harm me, come soon. He asks what are you saying. She says they act good in front of you and trouble me. Ram worries. Meera comes. She asks why did you talk to Ishaan like that. Shivi thinks Shubham didn’t prepare me for this. She argues with Meera. Ram hears her and says I m coming, nothing will happen, don’t worry. Meera thinks why is Shivi doing this.

Shivi shouts leave me, its hurting me, you have burnt me before, Ram will put the culprit in the jail, you all will go to jail. Ram says I m coming. Priya comes. Ram asks can you hear me Priya. Shivi says you want to get me killed, this family is mess. Priya says it’s the limit. Ram says I want to talk to Priya. Shivi says you want to kill me, if Ram was with me, then he would have not let this happen with me. The call disconnects. Priya says if mum’s crime is proved, then I will get her punished, don’t spoil Akki and your relation, we didn’t know that Varun and Mahender are involved in your dad’s accident. Shivi thinks sorry Priya, Ram, I m doing this, but Shubham is right, this family did wrong, its payback time. Nandini calls Ram and says I m worried for Shivi, she called me, get her home. Ram says I promise, I will bring her home. Shubham smiles and says well done mom. She says message Shivi now. He messages Shivi to start level 2. Akki asks Shivi what is all this. She says I can’t stay with this double faced family, lets go, won’t you come with me. Akki cries. Shivi says I m going from here today, its our last meeting. Meera asks Akki to explain Shivi. Sara says Varun and Mahender’s bail plea is rejected. Shivi says they deserve to be in the jail, you don’t try to help them, you all will go to jail, Akki and my relation is breaking, I will make sure that you all never stay happy. Akki shouts. Priya asks Shivi to stop, don’t break relation with Akki. Shivi says he is not coming with me. Priya says we will talk. Ishaan comes. Priya asks him to go inside. Shivi says yes, your dad is a criminal. He says you are jealous of me. She says I pity you. Shivi pushes Priya. Priya asks her not to go. Ishaan asks how dare you push Priya. He pushes Shivi down the stairs. Ram comes and sees Shivi fallen.

Priya is in jail. She says I can’t believe this, Krish. She calls Ram to tell that she is pregnant. Nandini tells this to Ram. Ram goes to the jail and meets Priya. She says this baby isn’t yours.

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