Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya is pregnant

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish saying I know Priya didn’t do this. Ram comes and asks were you there, Shivi died in my hands, you keep your verdict, you can’t harm my family. Krish says Priya is also your family, it was an accident. Ram says is also punishable by law. Priya says I m ready to undergo the punishment of two years, I know you are hurt. Ram says you have hurt me and my family, you can’t imagine our pain. She says I m really sorry, it happened by mistake, I didn’t try to take revenge, I m ready to get the punishment. Krish asks what love is this, get the investigations at least. Priya says no need, why would Ram do injustice with Shivi. She accepts her confession. She says Ram is the witness. Ram says yes, I will come to give statement against her, Priya has killed my love and faith, she will get punished for this. He leaves. Priya cries.

Ram comes home and recalls Priya. He cries. Ishaan meets Priya and says I don’t want to go to jail. She says I will be going to jail, I took the blame. He says its my mistake. She says promise me, you won’t tell this to anyone, you fulfil your dreams, can you do this for me. He says yes, I will do, sorry. Ram cries and thinks of Shivi. Brinda comes and hugs him. She asks what did Priya say. He says it was her mistake. She asks did you see her pushing Shivi. Ram says no, Priya said it happened by mistake, but Shivi passed away, I don’t know how this happened, I love Priya, I can’t take this. She says we have to fulfil Shivi’s last rites first. They cry. Sara meets Priya and asks her the truth. Priya says I was stopping Shivi, and she got pushed, Ishaan is tensed, because he saw Shivi falling, he is disturbed by Varun’s truth, promise me, you will take care of him. Sara says I can’t do this without you. Priya says it’s a matter of two years, send Ishaan abroad for studies, Varun shouldn’t be around him. Sara says fine, meet the lawyer once, maybe he proves you innocent. Priya thinks I can’t take the risk, Ishaan can get caught and he will be called a murderer. She says no, we won’t talk about this again. Krish comes and asks Priya to come for medical checkup. Sara asks her to take care. Priya goes.

Krish asks what are you doing Priya, don’t lie to me, you knew about the punishment, why did you talk to Ishaan in private, don’t tell me that he is an innocent kid, I m not Sara, don’t hide it from me, I think Ishaan pushed Shivi. She says talk slowly. He says oh, my doubt was right, you are bearing the punishment for someone else, I would have never loved someone, I wish I could have told you in college that I found you interesting, you would have not met Ram, sorry to say about the investigations. She says its okay. He says I will talk to Ram and see. She says he won’t change his decision, just a miracle can… She faints down. He asks what happened, call the ambulance. Ram does Shivi’s final rites. Adi says Priya is in jail. Brinda says Priya snatched Ram’s happiness, I don’t think they will unite again, the coming time will be really bad. Akki, Meera and Sara come there. Mami calls them murderers. Nandini asks them to leave, they killed Shivi. Ram looks on.

Priya asks what, pregnancy test. Doctor says yes, blood test will take time. Priya goes. Ram asks Akki to get lost. Akki says Shivi was my wife. Ram says your relation with her is also dead, where were you when she needed you, you aren’t needed now. He gets angry on Akki. Adi holds Ram. Vikrant says please leave. Sara takes Akki. They leave. Ram lights the pure. Nandini and everyone cry. Priya removes the mangalsutra and jewellery. She recalls Ram. Tut ke hum dono ne….plays… Adi says just an angel can unite Ram and Priya again. Brinda asks Adi to go to Ram. Vikrant says I hope it turns true. Brinda says nothing can happen, don’t have false hopes, Ram and Priya can never unite now. Priya gets the report. Doctor says report is positive, you are pregnant. Priya smiles. Krish says if we tell this to Ram, then he will change his mind. Priya says I can’t believe this, I m going to become a mum and Ram will become a dad. She hugs him. He says Ram will take you home, it’s a miracle, nothing will happen to Ishaan, think well, I will inform Ram. She says I will tell this to Ram. Krish thinks Priya will be out of jail soon. He says I will arrange a call and come.

Nandini says Priya is pregnant. Ram comes to meet Priya. She says I will make everything fine. Priya says this child isn’t yours, no one could take Krish’s place in my life, he is my first love. Ram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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