“Arcane” Behind-The-Scenes Facts: Kevin Alejandro Interview

Released towards the end of 2021, Arcane quickly took the world by storm, becoming one of Netflix’s highest rated original series of all time. Boasting a critic score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as an audience rating of 96%, Arcane wowed both long-time fans of League Of Legends, the popular video game series it’s based on, and newcomers to the series — and for good reason. Put simply, Arcane is a masterpiece in visual storytelling. The animation is striking, the storyline is exhilarating and immersive, and the characters are complex and fascinating. But what makes the series really shine is the voice acting, with so much emotion and punch delivered in every single line.

To learn more about Arcane and the nuts and bolts that make up this fantastic series, I chatted with Kevin Alejandro, who voices Jayce Talis. From the incredible voice recording process used by the actors, to the special connections that the cast has with their characters, as well as a teaser about the much-anticipated second season, here’s everything we talked about.

1. For the most part, the actors had to cold-read against each other since filming for Season 1 was done remotely over Zoom.

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