Anupama 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Decides To Adopt Little Anu

Anupama 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Little Anu enjoys at the beach while Anupama and Anuj enjoy her watching playing. Anuj thinks something deeply and tells Anupama that little Anu got happy hearing about flying. Anupama says one wouldn’t have flown doesn’t feel bad, but one who flew for for sometime and then fall would feel very bad. She prays god to protect Anu. She then notices him thinking something and asks him to express it out without any filter.

Kavya video chats with Anirudh discussing about visiting club with him. Vanraj walks to her and says she should be ashamed to speak to her ex in front of her husband. Kavya reminds even he used to speak to Anupama and celebrate every occasion and festival with her, why is he jealous if she spoke to her ex. Vanraj says its different. She says she doesn’t want to argue, just say hmmm and move on. He thinks till when he has to bear all this.

Anuj emotionally tells Anupama that he has only question from god why he made children an orphan; he says each orphan kid think why only he should suffer; his wound had healed after getting his adopted parents, Muku, and GK’s love, but it became raw after seeing little Anu.

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