Aly & AJ Call Disney Channel Movie Cow Belles “Cringe”

During a recent interview with W magazine, Aly & AJ reflected on some of their biggest pop culture moments while attempting their best version of ASMR.

So, of course, their popular Disney Channel Original Movie Cow Belles became a topic of discussion…and let’s just say they had A LOT of thoughts.

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And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the 2006 film, Cow Belles is the story of two spoiled sisters who are forced to work at their father’s dairy factory to learn about hard work and responsibility. But when someone steals all the money out of the company’s bank account, the sisters team up to find the culprit and save their father’s company.

While I remember laughing a few times while watching this movie, Aly & AJ’s recollection of their DCOM project wasn’t as positive.

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“Aly and I starred in a movie as teens called Cow Belles,” AJ said. “That is the bane of our existence, but we’ve also come to peace with it,” Aly added.

“I think the reason why Aly and I don’t love the film is that the writing is not great,” AJ said. “And the acting is a little cringe,” Aly added.

But being in the movie wasn’t the only bad thing they remember about Cow Belles. Aly went on to admit that she experienced her first heartbreak during that time too.

“Also, I was broken up with on that movie by my first boyfriend.” Aly & AJ couldn’t help but laugh at that memory.

Listening to their honest opinions about the film was a little surprising to hear, because just two years ago they were discussing possibly doing a Cow Belles sequel.

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“That is something we’re trying to make maybe happen,” Aly told Entertainment Tonight in May 2019. “We’ve actually talked about it, developing a reboot with Disney.”

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“Maybe one of us has a kid? We don’t know yet,” Aly continued. “We’re kind of in the early development stages with a dear friend of ours, who would spearhead the script.”

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So, no matter if Cow Belles remains a thing of the past or if a sequel comes out for today’s generation, I’m just glad I got to witness it in real time…even if Aly & AJ weren’t.

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