Alchemy Stars Rings in Its First Anniversary with Tons of In-Game Rewards and New Content – Advertorial

In the world of Alchemy Stars, light and darkness collide. There is a war raging on, and every bit of its influence seeps into the intricate storylines of the Alchemy Stars universe. Now, it’s time to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary with fresh, new content and a ton of in-game gifts!

Alchemy Stars is free to download on iOS and Android. Download now!

Starting today, new and existing Alchemy Stars players can log in to discover a plethora of one-year anniversary celebration gifts including a plethora of in-game rewards, as well as brand-new in-game content that introduces never-before-seen characters and a fresh gameplay system.

The Alchemy Stars anniversary event is happening now! Download on the App Store and Google Play

Players can now take a break from battle and instead lounge in the Cloud Gardens. The Cloud Gardens is a new gameplay feature where weary soldiers can take respite from the raging war on their own peaceful farms or choose to visit a friend’s garden where you can share decorating ideas or even bond by enjoying activities together. Players can create a personalized paradise by purchasing items from the shop and customizing their very own slice of heaven.

The Grand Marshal of Illumina, Reinhardt herself, makes her glorious debut during the Alchemy Stars anniversary celebration! Her rebellious and unrestricted nature is known to all in Illumina, though those closest to her will come to know her as an affectionate and sacrificial leader. Reinhardt joins the protagonist in their battle against Forsakin and the Eclipsites, wielding her battle-tested Pentastar lance and powerful lightning-based abilities. This makes her an invaluable ally in the fight against the Eclipsites.

Exciting new “Episodes” are added to the Alchemy Stars storyline! After spending many years away, Reinhardt — the Grand Marshal of Illumina — was called back home. As the navigator makes the long journey with her companion Carleen, a routine overhaul causes the mechanical giant, Colossus, to suddenly and unexpectedly initiate its start-up protocol, and launches into the skies. By tracking the colossus through its internal systems, our heroes discover its destination: the desolate valley of Eraveil, the home of ancient Colossi and Caelestites.

The Alchemy Stars anniversary event runs until June 24, 2022. Download or log in now to claim your free gifts!

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