A strange mental asylum Part 5 ShreNal SS

A strange mental asylum Part 5(ShreNal version)

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Reyaansh went to Moloy’s room.

Reyaansh:Any new painting?After all your paintings depict future.

Moloy showed him his latest painting.

Reyaansh could not believe his eyes.It was the painting of him and Nitya.

Reyaansh smiled.

He looked at Moloy.

Moloy smiled.

Moloy:This is the future I can see.

Reyaansh blushed.




Reyaansh and Nitya were in a beautiful place which was blessed with scenic beauty.

Nitya stretched out her hands enjoying the atmosphere.Reyaansh stood close to her and held her hands with hers.She looked at him deeply.


Dhoore Oru Mazhavillin
Ezham Varnnam Pol
Thooval Kavilinayil
Nin Mayalavanyam

Innen Idavazhiyil
Ninnomal Kalthaalam
Neeyam Swarajathiyil
Ee Mounam Vaachalam

Reyaansh pecked her palm.She was blushing.

Sadhyaragangalettu Paadunnu
Bhoomiyum Vaanavum
Saakshiyaay Bhavukangalekunnu


It was raining.Nitya was enjoying the rain.Reyaansh smiled seeing her enjoy the rain.

She started dancing and Reyaansh could’nt take his eyes off her.

He kept his palm on her shoulder.

He held her closer.They shared a beautiful eye lock.


Pavizha Mazhaye…Nee Peyyumo
Innivale…Nee Moodumo
Ven Panimathiyivalile
Malaroliyazhakile Naalangalil

En Kanavukal Vithariya Tharakangale
Kaanuvaan Kaathu Njaan

Reyaansh made bubbles.Bubbles flew all over them.Nitya who was fascinated by the bubbles smiled at him holding his shoulders.


Dhoore Oru Mazhavillin
Ezham Varnnam Pol
Thooval Kavilinayil
Nin Mayalavanyam


Reyaansh lifted her up in his arms.


 Aararume Thedattha Nin
Ulnambu Thedi


Nitya embraced him.

Ararume Kanathoraa
Dahangal Pulki


Reyaansh and Nitya were sitting and looking at each other romantically.

Nee Pokum Dhooram
Nizhalay Njaan Vannidam

Nitya rested her head on Reyaansh’s shoulder sweetly.

Theerangal Thedi
Chirakeri Poyidam

Reyaansh and Nitya drank the tender coconut water from the same coconut sharing an eyelock with each other.

Madhuramoorum Chiriyaale Nee
Priyasammatham Moolumo
Manathaarin Azhineekki Nee
Ianayavaan Porumo

Reyaansh and Nitya went to the garden.

Her foot slipped,but he held her shoulders,

then carried her in his arms.

Then made her stand down.

Kaalamakunna Thoniyil Nammal
Innitha Cherave

Nitya plucked a flower from the garden and gave it to Reyaansh.He smiled at her.

Peelineerthunnorayiram Jaalam

Nitya was eating a corn and watching the rain.Reyaansh held the umbrella for her.

 Pavizha Mazhaye…Nee Peyyumo
Innivale…Nee Moodumo
Ven Panimathiyivalile
Malaroliyazhakile Naalangalil

Nitya started enjoying a lot with her inmates.

En Kanavukal Vithariya Tharakangale

Kaanuvaan Kaathu Njaan(Athiran).




Swetlana got irritated seeing all this.She went near Nitya.

Swetlana:Don’t try to be oversmart Nitya.These days you are crossing the limit.You like enjoying a lot in rain these days.Right?I will show you the real thrill of being in rain.

Swetlana took Nitya to the bathroom and made her stand under the cool shower.She started shivering.

Reyaansh came that way and pulled away Nitya from the shower.

Then he slapped Swetlana shocking her.

Reyaansh:I know that slapping a woman is the most indecent act.But I don’t regret it.Because you are not even a woman.A woman can’t be this cruel to another woman.

Swetlana could not bear it.


Reyaansh dried Nitya’s hair with the towel.



Nitya:Even papa used to dry my hair like this.

Reyaansh smiled thinking:Slowly slowly Nitya has started remembering her past.It’s a good sign.


Swetlana put tomato ketch up on her face and went near Tej.He was shocked to see her face.

Tej:What happened Swetlana?How did your face become like this?

Swetlana pointed her finger at Reyaansh and said:He slapped me hard.

Tej was shocked.

Reyaansh:Before you react,let me tell you one thing Dr.Tej.It’s true that I slapped your wife.If she tortures a patient by making her stand under the shower for a long time,she deserves such a tight slap.And just touch or smell her blood and make sure whether it is blood or tomato ketch up.

Swetlana was embarrassed.

Reyaansh walked away.

Tej stared at Swetlana:What did you do Swetlana?Are you out of your senses?Dr.Reyaansh came here to check whether everything is normal here.When he was here,you should have controlled your temper.Stop torturing our patients when this terror doctor is here.Otherwise we will be caught.Don’t be careless.

Swetlana was upset.




Reyaansh sat near Nitya.

Reyaansh:You remember your father now.Do you remember anyone else?

Nitya struggled hard to remember.Seeing her stress,Reyaansh said:It’s ok.Leave it.

Suddenly Nitya said:Sachin.

Reyaansh:Who is Sachin?

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