1st Epi – Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Katha and Kabir’s first conversation

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a lady Uma coming for the puja. She prays to the Lord for everyone. She says I will take my 15000rs today. The delivery guys bring the crates and arrange it at the store. Uma comes and catches them. She goes live on social media. She makes a video. She says these men aren’t giving me 15000rs. The guy says we are just delivery boys, we can’t bring the money. A girl is seen dancing in the room. Uma calls out Manyata. Manyata turns. She asks for her milkshake. Uma asks her to get to work. Manyata says your elder daughter Katha is there to do everything. Uma says I told her to come. Manyata says so she has gone out, she likes to do social work, its her passion. Katha is seen.

Katha is seen taking a girl on her scooty to find her mum. She rides in speed. Katha speeds. The flower falls over her. Katha cheers up the girl. She says we won’t let anything happen to your mum. She drives ahead. She runs to the temple. She shows the lady’s pic and looks for her. She prays for the little girl to get her mum. She asks her to come. The girl Pihu remembers about her mum, and tells Katha. Katha says the lake is called Maa’s eyes. She runs to the lake and sees Pihu’s mum Jyoti. She sees Jyoti jumping in the lake and attempting suicide. Katha jumps in the lake and rushes to save Jyoti. The men worry for Katha, that she will sink. Katha rescues Jyoti and brings her out. The men applaud for her. Katha takes Jyoti to the hospital and ask her why did she do this. Jyoti says I have a daughter out of wedlock, she is 6 years old, Pihu’s dad is marrying someone else, nothing is left in my life, how will Pihu get an identity, I won’t tolerate if anyone calls her illegitimate. Katha consoles her. She says a child isn’t illegitimate if known by mum’s name, what’s that guy’s name. Jyoti says Mukesh. She shows Mukesh’s pic. Katha gets a call. She asks Pihu to take care of her mum. Pihu thanks Katha for finding her mum. Katha smiles. She leaves.

Inspector says I heard you jumped in the water to save that mum, join the police, I need you in my team. Katha says I don’t need to join you to do such work, this man Mukesh is going to marry someone by leaving Jyoti and Pihu, I will send the pic. Uma sees Katha’s video. She asks shall she think she is spiderman. Katha comes and says call me a wonder woman. Manyata praises Katha. Uma gets angry. Katha jokes. Uma says I m getting ready and leaving now, you both can get ready and come if you want. A guy Kabir is seen at his bakery. The staff girl praises him. Kabir goes. Katha calls the bakery owner and scolds Kabir. He asks what work do you have. She asks his name. He says Kabir Shekhawat. She scolds him for sending fungus cakes one month back. He says what nonsense, its impossible. She asks for refund amount. He asks the store address. They both talk and light a diya. She says you have to send us the refund by cutting 50rs, you can have a cream roll from your own bakery. He smiles. She holds the sunlight. Kabir does the same. Muskurane ki wajah….plays… He says you will get the refund till evening. She says you agreed so soon, thanks, my perception about you will change when I get the refund. He says okay.

Uma is at the wedding. The lady asks why did you arrange the alliance before the girl turned 25 years old. Uma sits talking. Katha and Manyata make the bride ready. The bride gets a call. She says I can’t wait for long. Manyata gets Uma’s call. She asks Katha to go downstairs. She teases Katha also. Katha goes. Kabir says that girl’s voice had sincerity, just ask the dealer how did he send the stale items, give the refund to that store owner, we will get blessings. His mum comes. Maasa blesses him and ward off the bad sight. He says no one can make parathas like you. She says I can’t wait for long to meet your dad, just show me my bahu’s face soon. He gets sad. He says who will accept me with this Sautan like bakery.

Uma says I will threaten Katha and convince her. Pallavi meets Katha and likes her. Uma says until we match the kundalis, they can have a talk. Katha talks to Jitesh. She runs for her performance. Katha and Manyata dance happily in the wedding. Ghar morey Pardesiya….plays… Pallavi likes Katha. Manyata says I think mum has decided about your marriage as well. Kabir’s Maasa gives the gifts to the staff. They bless her. Maasa serves the pandits. She says I worry about Kabir, he takes care of the entire family, bless him to get a good life partner soon. Pandit says he will soon meet the girl in Nainital, their love story will begin there. She thanks him.

Neeti hears the baraat sound. Manyata and Katha go to see the baraat. Katha goes to welcome the groom. He removes the sehra. She gets shocked seeing Mukesh. He asks her to apply the tilak. Katha sees Neeti happy. She makes an excuse and goes away. She recalls Jyoti’s words. Uma and Pallavi decide to get Katha and Jitesh engaged. Mukesh sits in the mandap. Katha thinks how can I let this happen, what will happen with Neeti, I have to expose this fraud man.

Pallavi scolds Uma. Uma says someone will be made for you. Kabir and Maasa come to Nainital. He meets Katha and saves her life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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