15 Actors With Multiple Roles In The Same Show Or Film

Eddie Murphy might be the king of snagging multiple roles in the same production.

I release the ugliest laugh when I watch certain television shows or films.

But, I noticed that I cackle a tiny bit more when one actor plays many roles in the same production.

I’m sharing 15 actors who had no problem playing multiple roles in the same film or television show, so my ugly laugh could be understood. Hear me out.


Robin Williams in Mrs.Doubtfire

20th Century Studios / Via giphy.com

Never underestimate a man determined to spend more time with his children. In this film, Williams plays Daniel Hillard, a recently divorced man, and Mrs.Doubtfire, a fierce elderly nanny, his ex-wife, hired to help their children. 


Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor/Norbit

Imagine Entertainment / Via giphy.com

I think it’s safe to say that Eddie Murphy is the king of snagging multiple roles in the same production. There were so many to choose from, but The Nutty Professor and Norbit are my favorites! In The Nutty Professor, Murphy played a brilliant scientist, Sherman Krump, a smooth talker, Buddy Love, and even his aunt and uncle! In Norbit, he played a quiet brainiac, Norbit, his outspoken wife, Rasputia, and an orphanage owner, Mr.Wong. 


Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap

Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/FilmFlex / Via giphy.com

Double trouble? In this film, Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie, who happened to be strangers until happenstance connects them. They met at camp and decided to identity swap, hoping to bring their family together.


Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House/ Martin

FOX / Via giphy.com

Martin Lawrence is another actor who enjoys serving a new look to bring a new character to life on the same show or film. In Big Momma’s House, Lawrence plays FBI agent Malcolm Turner and a sweet older woman loved by her community, Big Momma, to catch criminals. In Martin, he plays himself, Mama Payne, the blunt neighbor, Sheneneh, Jerome, Otis, Bob from marketing, an old car salesman, Roscoe, and DragonFly Jones. Whew, that was a lot.


Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas

The Academy Awards/Oscars / Via giphy.com

How cool would it be to play different characters in a SciFi film? Halle Berry got a chance to do this in Cloud Atlas. She played six characters across a period of more than 400 years. 


Nancy Cartwright in The Simpsons

FOX / Via giphy.com

Yes, the talented actor is the voice of one of the most known cartoon characters globally! But, Cartwright also voiced Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Kearney, and little Todd Flanders. 


Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks

Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures Releasing / Via giphy.com

I have to be honest. I can’t listen to the song “A Thousand Miles” without thinking about White Chicks. In this film, brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans play FBI agents in charge of protecting socialite sisters. They went as far as dressing up like them, imitating their lives, and hanging with their friends. 


Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man

Paramount Pictures Studios/DreamWorks Pictures/ Lakeshore Entertainment / Via giphy.com

In She’s The Man, Bynes, who plays Viola Johnson, a twin, was upset that the women’s soccer team was cut. She was told she wasn’t enough when she tried to play for the guy’s team. So, Viola dressed up as her twin brother to prove a point at his boarding school. 


Nicholas Cage in Adaptation

NEON/Beverly Detroit / Via giphy.com

Cage plays Charlie Kaufman, a confused, frustrated writer going through many emotions in this film. He also plays his twin brother, Donald, who has loads of ambition. 


Tyler Perry in A Madea Homecoming, or pretty much any Madea film

BET Plus/ Madea Farewell Play/Tyler Perry Studios / Via giphy.com

In Perry’s latest film on Netflix, A Madea Homecoming, he plays a witty and candid older woman, Madea, clearing up drama at her great grandson’s graduation. Perry also plays Uncle Joe Simmons. 


Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch

Netflix/Nickeloden LA / Via giphy.com

Hudgens plays a princess and an ordinary woman from the Windy City, who switch places and start to have heart eyes for each other’s prince charming. 


James McAvoy in Split

Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions/Blinding Edge Pictures / Via giphy.com

James McAvoy played his many characters in Split so well that I forget that Patricia was a personality. Kevin (McAvoy) has 23 personalities that often reveal themselves willingly or by force. 


Jaleel White in Family Matters

ABC / CBS/Warner Archive / Via giphy.com

Jaleel White played more than just the iconic Steve Urkel on Family Matters. He also played Steve’s cousin Myrtle and heartbreaker Stephon.


Seth MacFarlane in Family Guy

Adult Swim / FOX / FOXtvUk / Via giphy.com

I always wondered why the voices of Peter and Stewie sounded so familiar. MacFarlane plays both father and son in the cartoon series. 


Jamie Foxx in The Jamie Foxx Show

Universal Television / Via giphy.com

After fleeing to Hollywood for a career jumpstart, Jamie King (Foxx) found himself helping out at his family’s hotel, The Kings Tower. Foxx often portrayed a few characters from a TV Anchor and a lookalike bank robber. 

What actor that portrays multiple characters in the same series or film makes you cackle? Let me know!

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