10 Joe Alwyn Titles To Stream

Let me say, straight-up, that while they share many similarities, Normal People and Conversations With Friends are two different books with different characters! I believe that much of the show’s criticism is that people expected Nick and Frances’s chemistry to be the same as the chemistry between Connell and Marianne in Normal People.

In a scene much discussed by fans for the book-to-TV adaption, right after sleeping together for the first time, Nick (Alwyn) says to Frances (Alison Oliver), “I thought you were attracted to my personality.” To which Francis replies, “Do you even have one?” (I agree that Frances should have been more confident in this scene, but moving on.) Nick is supposed to be a little boring! In the book, he writes beautiful emails but hardly speaks. In Episode 4, while arguing about Nick, Bobbi (Sasha Lane) says to Frances, “We only know him because he’s married to someone interesting.” There are so many winks to who Nick is and who Joe Alwyn is that I found it to be a fascinating parallel. You can’t hear that line and not immediately think of Swift. Who is the man when separated from the woman who makes him interesting?  

I’ve now watched everything Joe Alwyn has done, and I still feel unsure of the answer. With a less talented actor, I wouldn’t care, but Alwyn has shown glimmers of brilliance, and if the right writer-director can bottle up his charm, beauty, and depravity, it’ll be a knockout. I’m looking at you, The Stars at Noon.

If you like: Longing glances, beautiful shots of beautiful people on the Croatian coast, Normal People, Ireland, communism (JK, kind of).

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